New book: My Incarnations and Teachings

  • January 26, 2015

Dr. Sandor A. Markus has published his second book in English with the title:

“My Incarnations and Teachings – How man by fate can change his life by changing his way of thinking”.

Here the Grand Master describes his early Hungary life as a 14 year old and how he encountered a light being that made him peer into the eternal tapestry of world destiny, also called the Akashic records. His consciousness was elevated and after this he never became the same as before.

Now after further 51 years of meditation acc. the way of the masters, he can fully put on the role as the Spiritual World Teacher of our Age. He will shortly publish also more books that describe the Law of the Cosmos of Incarnation and Karma, which we are all subject to, no matter if we believe it or not.

By reading the book and taking part of the program of the SIOSG, you can start your development for your higher quality multi-dimensional quantum consciousness.