Book: The Free Human Being

The Free Human Being

Vladimir Putin opens up the gate to the Development of the New Age

Our entire civilization is on the brink of a worldwide collapse, now occurring for the first time in the millennial history of man and earth. This collapse is inevitable since the Illuminati, CABAL (the hidden state) wants to liquidate most of humanity through various kinds of measures. The fabricated Pandemic Covid-19 is the initial phase of this plan. The Illuminati has previously declared that it wants to reduce the earth’s population from its current approx. 7.8 billion to approx. 500 million people. The rest they want to replace with AI “Artificial Intelligence”.

Behind this Agenda are the Illuminati, CABAL (the deep state) and their destructive extraterrestrial entities (beings) from the Betelgeuse in Orion, with which the United States has collaborated with since the early 1950s to gain world domination and high-tech military dominance. In reality, the United States has continued after World War II with the same plan that they prevented the Hitler regime from implementing, which cost 50 million lives.

The Free Human Being


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