The Saint Germain technology is based on mainly Scalar Waves and belonging Scalar Fields. The technology is used to detect and correct psychological and physiological disturbances. Multifunctional analysis performs a complex scan of the body to determine what is be harmonized using scalar waves, which helps us improve our energetic health and reaching a higher quality multidimensional quantum consciousness.

Scalar waves, fields

Saint Germain’s technology is mainly based on scalar waves and their fields. The waves can be detected in our reality with prof. Konstantin Meyl’s technological equipment (the Nikolai Tesla of our time). The existence of the scalar waves were calculated by Maxwell and Laplace. The existence of the waves was included in their original wave equations for light, but was later removed, as they were considered to be irrelevant. The knowledge of these scalar waves has been forgotten for about 100 years.

Nevertheless, these waves exist on the higher dimensional planes, but there more as fields. These can be seen by certain people who are consciously in resonance with these fields i.e. within the 4th and 5th dimensional realms.

These scalar fields build up everything we know in the universe. As geometric structures from the 5th dimension, they build up the 4th dimension, where their effects and creations are seen as energetic matter. Light therefore does not travel but is constant, and builds up that which exists.

These fields also build up what we perceive in our three-dimensional world, reality.

But nevertheless these waves are still used. When we use electromagnetic waves, we automatically use scalar waves.

Our antennas have been made so bad that much of the energy and information transmitted is lost as noise. Antennas only transmit scalar waves but a certain part of these are converted into electromagnetic waves, and this is what today’s science is said to use through TV, Radio, and mobile communication, etc…

In reality, it is the scalar waves that are used. If the antenna and receiver are optimally created, there is no leakage of energy and information. Instead, total resonance is established between the transmitting antenna and the receiving antenna. No energy and information is lost. The whole universe works on this principle. All matter is built up in this way and also on subtler levels. Telepathy and love are sustained by this energy and information through scalar waves. It’s all about resonance. If the amplitude is reduced, three-dimensional matter builds up. If the amplitude is increased, the matter disappears from our three-dimensional vision, but still remains on the four-dimensional plane and the five-dimensional plane.

All of creation is built on this energy and information. Nothing else exists. Also our basic fundamental program is created out of scalar waves, energy and information. This program is our DNA matrix, our Soul Matrix that exists with some variation.

Through the DNA matrix we live through the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom and the human kingdom. We constantly allow our soul program to fill the positions and possibilities that exist in our DNA with energy and information. When the amplitude of the energy and information has become strong enough due to the experiences gained, we move up evolutionarily.

The experiences create increased spin in our program but also traumatic events are incorporated, which create dissonances for us. All these irregularities are obstacles to us – obstacles that make us limited. These accumulations of energy and information must be worked away from our program – our DNA Matrix or Soul Program, as it is not part of our true nature.

Today in today’s society, these dissonances have created limiting mind matter for us, which are energetic blockages in our human system. We must dissolve and work away these blockages if we are to be able to be included in the society that will now begin to be built up on planet earth.

The technology used by Saint Germain influences these scalar blocking fields. The goal is to remove these blockages and this is done through the Celeste Method’s three-step program. The program consists of 1. Information, i.e. information about the true nature of man, as a copy of the universe, all created, our program, 2. Analysis, i.e. analysis of our individual weaknesses, energy blockages, 3. Measures, so that we can eliminate these blockages.

The human being who works on his emancipation is aided by the technology that Saint Germain provides in his evolutionary work, which gradually results in a higher quality multidimensional quantum consciousness, free from all mind attachments, bondage of mind.

We become cosmically mature and can decide for ourselves how our life shall take shape, and not as now where automatically incarnation after incarnation follows depending on the karmatic laws. The now “stray boat” will now have its captain – the “Soul” revived who will now take command of his journey…

The technology that is used thus works with scalar energy and information which harmonizes with us humans so that we can free ourselves from the bondage we now spend our existence within – we become free cosmic beings, people with highly developed consciousness – fully adapted to the time we now pass into.

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