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Sandor Markus alias George Rákoczy (Saint Germain)

This time Count Saint Germain is under the name Sandor Markus. The reason Saint Germain cannot die is because he remembers his past incarnations.

Saint Germain has always worked for the improvement of mankind. He is a peace broker to the fullest. But during the past few hundred years the negative power has done its outmost to smear his name. This has partly succeeded and now also on the astral regions and dimensions. What he really is has been covered in veils. Now these veils must be cleared to bring everything into the light. The public must come to know who he really is and what can be achieved for every individual – those who are ripe for the next step in evolution.

Prof. Dr. Sandor A Markus

Count Saint Germain in 1784, Feb 27th

Count Saint Germain, Georg Rákoczi died (his body) in Feb 27th, 1784

Prince Rakoczy – Saint Germain

Prince Rakoczy is a seventh Force/Ray Master/Chohan. He is often called St. Germain, Count or Master R.

The 7th Force is about organization/ceremony/legality. Its positive aspects give a person the ability to create order, plan and organize. The ray creates dynamics and balances wholeness and details, and helps with physical manifestation. This means that ideas are translated into ideals and action into 3D manifestation. The ray is also about a sense of ritual and ceremony. The negative aspect of the ray can lead a person to habitual thinking, meaningless rituals/routines, intolerance of originality or excessive perfectionism. In the worst case, it can lead to manipulation of the aspect of substance for personal gain (read: black magic).

Saint Germain and Madame H. P. Blavatsky

Madame H. P. Blavatsky was the Author of The Secret Doctrine and the Founder of Theosophy, in the 1800s.

Today she is reincarnated in the form of Jessica Arael Marrocco. She is the spokesperson for the ACIO (Advanced/Alien Contact Intelligence Organization). She possesses an even greater knowledge than Madame Blavatsky did during her previous incarnation.

Madame Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, and from the left her teacher Kuthumi Lal Singh, her master El Morya and Prince Rakoczy (Saint Germain).

“Mme. Blavatsky”, born in Russia in 1832, was a pure spirit, a powerful psychic and a great adventurer. From the Tibetan Master Teacher Panchen Lama, Tashi Lama, Kuthumi Lal Singh, she channeled “The Secret Doctrine” and other profound works.

Saint Germain

Many websites don’t say much about Rakoczy, but much more about Saint Germain. Parts of what is written on several websites seem to me to be unreliable with questionable channelings. Rakoczy, Saint Germain must be said to be the greatest master of mysticism, or the master of mysticism. When we study these “two masters” and their mysticism, the result is an increased ability to discern and thus a strengthened mental body.

For the avoidance of doubt, I will begin with Alice A. Bailey’s words on Prince Rakoczi vs. St. Germain – as it is the same Master.

About Master Rakoczy, Alice A. Bailey writes:
(Alice A Bailey uses the designation Rakoczi or Master R.)

Master Rakoczi is especially concerned with the future development of the affairs of the nations in Europe and with the natural mental result thereof in America and Australia. He is of Hungarian birth and had his home in the Carpathians in Siebenburgen (Transylvania).

He was once a well-known figure at the Hungarian court. The mentioning of him can be found in the old history books. He was particularly in the public spotlight when he was Count St. Germain and even earlier when he was Roger Bacon and later Francis Bacon. It is interesting to note the fact that while Master R. on the Inner Planes is dealing with the affairs of Europe, his name as Francis Bacon comes into the light in the “Bacon-Shakespeare Controversy”. He is a rather small and thin man with a large goatee and straight black hair, and he doesn’t take as many students as the aforementioned masters. He currently leads most of the 3rd force students in the West along with the Greek Master Hilarion.

Master R. is on the seventh ray of Ceremonial Order and Mysteries, and he works largely through esoteric rites and ceremonies, and is much interested in the hitherto unknown effects of Masonic ceremonies and the various brotherhoods and churches everywhere.

In the lodge he is usually called “The Count”, and he appears in America and Europe practically as the supreme leader to carry out the plans established by the governing council of the lodge.

If you want to know more about the Shakespeare controversy, you can read the book “The Shakespeare Mystery” by Søren Hauge. The book is exciting and provides a good description of what Alice A. Bailey calls the Shakespeare controversy.

Inner lightworker:

On an English website it is claimed that today Master Rakoczy is a great being shining all over the earth, and his spiritual “body” is a giant blue-violet ball. He is/has been apprentice to several masters including Saint Germain.

His energy is strongly connected to Transylvania in the Carpathians. Master Rakoczy was a prince of the royal house of Rakoczy in Hungary.

The family was active for more than 100 years in preserving Christianity during the ravages of the Ottomans in Europe.

Master Rakoczy is a 7th Ray Master, and he is a high-ranking official in the “Great White Brotherhood”. He has great knowledge of all the aspects of the human nature. He is known under several names including: The Master Prince, Saint Germain, The Hungarian Adept, The Knight Commander, and The Lord of Civilization.

In his current incarnation, he is called “Shepard, Unifier and Grand Master of the SIOSG “Sovereign Imperial Order of Saint Germain” in Sweden.

The biological (3D) body is a housing (envelop) that we use in order to stay conscious here on earth. When, for whatever reason, our biological, physical housing (body) no longer can serve as a garment or a tool for us, then we must leave it. But as conscious, thinking beings we remain in our more subtle housing. This cannot be seen or perceived with our five physical senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell), but only with our more subtle mind functions as in the dream.

If Saint Germain could manifest himself on different timelines in a transparent or condensed form after the removal of his physical (biological) body, then he would be perceived as living forever. Saint Germain’s figure as experienced by many is transparent even though our senses perceive it as physical.

Due to the fact that Saint Germain (Prince Rakoczy) did not tell about his origin and nobody knew anything about him, he was considered a mysterious person. He remembered his previous lives (incarnations), which he told about in various contexts – therefore it was believed that he was immortal.

However, he died in 1784 in Eckerförde in Denmark, where he was buried, but he promised to reincarnate every 100 years.

//Sandor A Markus / alias Prince Georg Rakoczy (Saint Germain)

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