Sovereign Imperial Order of Saint Germain

The entire earthly civilization is at a crossroads which requires a paradigmatic shift, a change in consciousness. A new consciousness in a new time is necessary for human survival and its civilization. We cannot use the same idea to solve a problem that created it.

The Sovereign Imperial Order of Saint Germain (SIOSG) is the only order in modern times that accesses this higher quality knowledge which leads to a multidimensional consciousness. This means being able to see also the causal relations behind every conceivable situation, event or problem, and also how it can be resolved with proper measures.

Now for the first time in the many thousands of years of human history this knowledge is made accessible.

Parts of this knowledge has been previously taught in so-called mystery schools in Egypt, Tibet, Asia and within the Illuminati circles, and then only to a limited extent.

Now this knowledge is offered in its entirety to the elite of mankind, who have both an internal and external potential and quality to manifest and realize this information into various areas of society.


The Imperial and Royal Order of Saint Germain (SIOSG) is under the patronage of Ann-Sophie Hammarbäck.

The Imperial and Royal Order of Saint Germain is aimed to bring the members the highest cosmic consciousness level for the preparation of a New Era (Golden Age).

The Imperial and Royal Order of Saint Germain is an exclusive order for highly accomplished individuals in humanity, science and arts to further their personal development to height of universal awareness.

This order for the first time in human history is open also for women of higher quality.


The SIOSG Application!

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